Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy New Year It's September

My blogging muscles have atrophied over a season of chaos and little time given to center myself on my thoughts or disciplines. I've let my poor eating habits pop back up in the name of "summer fun." Exercise has been nearly non-existent and my legs often feel restless and achy from the lack of use. My mind wonders to the times when I ran and ran and felt blissfully exhausted and satisfied. For all the freedom the summer brings, I regret the way I have let good intentions simply be that - intentions.

So welcome to the New Year. September 4. The day when I traditionally let go of the "I should really..." and embrace the "have to's". If there ever was a deadline and a date to grasp opportunities, this is it. School started today and this means one thing - routine. With this routine comes a framework for making good choices, starting fresh, the excitement of time management, and the thrill of multi-tasking. I'm ready to jump in with both withered legs and give this year my best.

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