Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Last year we went to a Amy Grant/Michael W. Smith concert at a local church. It was great, and after the concert we decided to sponsor our third child through Compassion. Nshimiyimana caught my eye with his soft smile and bright orange shirt.

We have friends who live in Rwanda and are missionaries there. Our goal is to visit them and Nshimiyimana (on a Compassion Sponsor Tour) sometime in the next 4 years.

Today my heart hurts because Nshimiyimana's smile is gone and his shirt has faded. I'm guessing this is his "best clothing" to wear for pictures. My family thought the new photo of him was so different that they questioned whether or not this was really the same child. I believe it is, but it is sad to see a picture so different from the one we recieved just about 10 months ago. Of course all children scowl sometimes...so maybe this was just a bad picture. Praying for my sweet boy. Join me.

Our original picture of Nshimiyimana on the left and the new one on the right. 

I don't believe in fortunes, but this coincidence was pretty interesting. I went out with our pastoral team for lunch today at a Chinese restaurant. My fortune said,"Someone in your life needs a letter from you."

Time to send Nshimiyimana an encouraging letter.

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  1. Hi Michelle! I found your blog through Compassion Family. I hope the photo just happened to catch a stern face on a happy boy. I don't know if you noticed, but his face does look fuller/healthier...possibly that it part of the reason that he looks so different? Atleast that is a positive change!