Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pride or Praise?

It seems to me that we do a lot of contradictory things in this country/culture. One of of them is stating how we feel about ourselves. It can seem almost haughty and prideful to say "I love myself" and yet at the same time our culture is built on entitlement. "I deserve" and "I want" are statements that are reinforced everywhere you look, but glance in the mirror and say, "I like myself," and you'll be called a freak.

I don't want to hesitate or send mixed messages about what it means to promote a "you glow girl" attitude on this blog. It's about knowing that I am a child of God. The Holy Spirit lives, burns, and yes, "glows" inside of me. I want to prick enough holes in my jaded, fearful, conservative, and hypocritical spirit, that God's love can shine brightly through me. If I am a Christian, I should exude the light of Christ. If I'm surrendered to God there will be a radiance about me. All too often my spirit is tempered by the culture of self-hatred, my own insecurities, and the fear of being misunderstood, to actually stand for what I believe.

I love God and I believe he loves us. Let's shine brightly together. Let no person, situation, message, or circumstance diminish the power of Jesus Christ. When the Holy Spirit was put into you, God did not put the Light on a dimmer switch. He did not say, "hide this under a bowl, bushel, basket, or that last 10 pounds you wish you could lose." Nope, God wants us to glow right matter what.

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