Friday, July 29, 2011

In Need of Compassionate Hope for Tomorrow

There was a lot of tension in our home today. Unfortunately it spilled over into the car ride, continued throughout the party, and found it's way home again. Sometimes it seems like it's simply impossible for four people to live harmoniously. Sometime I don't care. Today I did. Today I wished that the kids were listening and obeying, I could answer questions quickly succinctly and to the satisfaction of my family, and that my dear husband could take everything in with a much more peaceful attitude.

My deepest frustration with being frustrated with this lack of harmony is that really in the scheme of things, this is not an issue with which to be frustrated. This is just life. And our life is good. Really good. I'm incredibly blessed with a loving, vibrant, caring family. Somedays aren't all shiny and happy. That's ok.  But perhaps it's human nature to always want more, to want better.

I whined to my friends at the party, "I just want to stay here and talk with you." Yep, I whined like a little girl. Like the little girl in my own family with whom I was frustrated. I wonder where she gets it?

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  1. I adore you and your honestly and desire to be fully present to all, and I'm glad to know I'm not the only whiney one. :) I hope some peace and rest finds you soon: thank you for being such a blessing to me and my family! I cannot begin to count the ways ... :)